What can you buy for five dollars?


To explore the relative value of five dollars we are collecting examples from around the world by asking people to submit photos of objects or services that cost the equivalent of $5. Participate...

Hen (John has 4 children so it makes sense that he decided to buy something to take home. As for the choice of the hen, it's pretty much the only local dish you can eat in one sitting that's in the price range. Anything else would have to be bought in such a large qualitity to fit in the price range that it would go bad before you could eat it.) Kabale, Uganda, 8,500 UGX

R$8.00 this model, the original style can be bought for cheaper whilst fashion versions might be three times this price Almost any shop in Brazil fivedollarcomparison.org/

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mushrooms at the Farmers Market in San Francisco. - Camera phone upload powered by <a href="http://www.shozu.com/?utm_source=upload&amp;utm_medium=graphic&amp;utm_campaign=upload_graphic/" target="_newwindow">ShoZu</a> at the market in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. what : Senseo coffee maker cost : $5.00 where : yard sale in culver city, ca <a href="https://fivedollarcomparison.org/">fivedollarcomparison.org/</a> what : a gondala above the city of Quito climbs from 2850 meters to 4050 meters. cost : $4.00 each where : Quito, Ecuador <a href="https://fivedollarcomparison.org/">fivedollarcomparison.org/</a> but i was exhausted. i think the donkey was more exhausted. :( what : a slow lift to the ridge edge from the crater lake (one way) cost : $5.00 where : Laguna Del Quiotoa, Ecuador <a href="https://fivedollarcomparison.org/">fivedollarcomparison.org/</a> Space Oddity / David Brighton's Tribute to David Bowie October 17&18 at the Cannery Casino, Las Vegas cover charge only $5! Best $5 I ever spent! They will be back December 19-20...so don't miss it! organic veggie pizza at Trader Joe's in San Francisco $5 answer to a $500 billion problem? Slightly over $5USD with exchange rate. About $5 Short taxi ride in midtown to get to subway stop, about $5.25. About 10 minutes of Internet time, around $5. Aubonne, a city near Lausanne, Switzerland. Typical rural event food: wurst, slice of bread and mustard on a A5 size &quot;chic&quot; cardboard for 5 CHF (still cheap in this part of the country, in town the same package costs almost 10 CHF). all day bus ticket, any bus, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2.70 GBP About $4.40 USD, ($4 Canadian Dollars) to park a bike for 2 hours, Montreal Canada. <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/julianbleecker/2916911747/">www.flickr.com/photos/julianbleecker/2916911747/</a> About $4.40 USD, ($4 Canadian Dollars) to park a bike for 2 hours, Montreal Canada. <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/julianbleecker/2916942737/in/photostream/">www.flickr.com/photos/julianbleecker/2916942737/in/photos...</a> PCC sunday flea market Pasadena CA $5 each PCC sunday flea market Pasadena CA $5 each PCC sunday flea market Pasadena CA 2 for $5 PCC sunday flea market Pasadena CA $5 each R$8.00. It smells really nice but is expensive here in Rio. <a href="https://fivedollarcomparison.org/">fivedollarcomparison.org/</a> swiss soup and glass of wine from bio farming The color wheel, as represented by our good friends the M and the other M. It's also disgusting that a bag of M&amp;Ms now costs 5 bucks! Insanity! Replacement hammer handle. Somewhat surprised to be able to buy just the handle (why not just the head?). Of the 20+ brands of hammer - only two had non-wooden handles. 514 Yen Tokyu Hands department store, Japan Single pair of rubber gloves. Tokyu hands has an unexpectedly large selection of work gloves and it is relatively easy to choose by price. 556 Yen Tokyu Hands department store, Japan Incheon/Gimpo bus transfer. Seoul, South Korea. 5000KRW. When everything else fails, Batman energy drink saves :) Spotted this while shopping and somehow I had to buy it and took some photos at home. <a href="https://fivedollarcomparison.org"><b>Five dollar comparison info:</b></a> What: The Dark Knight energy drink Where: K-kauppa, Espoon Keskus, Finland Cost: about 2.5â�¬ = close to 5$ <b>strobist setup:</b> sb-600 through white umbrella camera right as key. sb-800 with blue gels camera left. Triggered with CLS. Everything bagel, well-toasted, green olive cream cheese, bottle of water. New York City. $4.69.  Parimatch

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