What can you buy for five dollars?


To explore the relative value of five dollars we are collecting examples from around the world by asking people to submit photos of objects or services that cost the equivalent of $5. Participate...

A bundle of 25 stick toothbrushes or to strictly correct chewsticks. The design is relatively sophisticated - pre-bristled. 250 Afghanis (10 Afghanis per stick). Titanic Market, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Fuel on US 101, central California <>

Stable Cafe in the Mission, San Francisco the price of dinner on 24th. 1 bone = $1 US Half Moon Bay, California at WholeFoods on Potrero HIlls, San Francisco 42nd Street (6/7th Ave) Lebak Farms flowers at the Saturday Greenmarket what other people eat.

a Russian grocery store in the Central Richmond area of San Francisco British Columbia blueberries, San Francisco, Potrero Hills WholeFoods Fig paste. San Francisco, Potrero Hill WholeFoods calling cards, available for $5 money transfers to Central America ear piercing offered for $5 with earrings included. seen in San Francisco at the San Francisco Farmers Market at the San Francisco Farmers Market email marketing form the Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy at <a href="http://tabletownhealthrx.net/" rel="nofollow">tabletownhealthrx.net/</a> Cookies, $5, San Francisco USA Add a line for $5/month,  T-Mobile, San Francisco, USA. Walgreens San Francisco Hi -

Here's our submission:

This Week in Energy (TWiEpodcast) is free to watch or download to your
computer or favorite portable audio player.

Each week, however, co-host Bob Tregilus provides a &quot;five dollar
comparison&quot; during the mid-show funding request break, often using
examples pulled from the Five Dollar Comparison website of what five
dollars will purchase.

So we thought it's only fair to provide y'all with our submission!

So, what will five dollars buy? How about one month - that's four full
weeks - of the exciting TWiEpodcast! Available at
<a href="http://ThisWeekinEnergy.tv" rel="nofollow">ThisWeekinEnergy.tv</a>.

Be well,
Bob Tregilus
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&quot;The long-term case for V2G [vehicle-to-grid]
boils down to a choice. We can keep the electric
system and vehicle fleet separate, in which case
we substantially increase the cost of renewable
energy because we have to build storage to match
intermittent capacity. Or, we can connect the
vehicle and electric power systems intelligently,
using the vast untapped storage of an emerging
electric-drive vehicle fleet to serve the electric
--Drs. Willett Kempton &amp; Jasna TomiÄ, 2004

In a world without walls, who needs Windows?
Registered Linux user #471603
<a href="http://counter.li.org" rel="nofollow">counter.li.org</a> at <a href="http://www.patisseriephilippe.com/" rel="nofollow">www.patisseriephilippe.com/</a> seen on Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California pepper corn, 200 INR per kilo, approximately $5 US in Delhi, India at the Spice Market Healthy choice steamers. Theyre very good. Too much sodium tho. Coke negates
healthy part. about $5 (6 yeni türk lirası, New Turkish Lira) for a kilo of the olives in the middle bucket, at the Nevsehir market $5 from pcc flea market

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